Each Unit is alloted one parking spot in the parking area (see photo). Let us know if you need more than one space.

You can use the courtyard for loading/unloading purposes.


There are several Wi-Fi access points across the compound. All access points will have an SSID with the word “Pralies”. The password is “bureau01”


You key is located in a box with a code at the entrance door of your room/apartment. Your agent will provide you with the access code.


Animals/Pets are not allowed on the premises


There is a washing machine available for your use next to the kitchen. The cost is Euro 3.50 per use, tokens can be acquired from management.

No Smoking

No Smoking Indoors
Smoking outside is permitted but all cigarettes must be disposed of in the provided ashtrays.
Any deviation from the rules will incur either a Euro 50 penalty or a cancellation of your stay.

Recycling / Garbage

  • Visitors must dispose of their refuse adequately.
  • All perishables should be in a sealed plastic bag and disposed int he garbage can in the courtyard on Sunday evenings.
  • All recyclables such as cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and glass should be disposed of according to law at the communal recycling point not far from the estate (see map).


We ask you to keep the rooms/apartment and compound in a reasonable state of cleanliness. If unsightly cleanliness occurs an additional charge for housekeeping will be levied.


  • Triplex, Duplex, Studio and the Red room have their own kitchens.
  • The main kitchen is reserved for the Blue, Green and Yellow rooms.
  • Cooking utensils and accessories are at your disposal in the kitchen, after use please wash anything you have used and keep things organized
  • Please report any issues to management including breakage.


  • Close all doors to prevent drafts.
  • Shut off any lights after use.
  • Green and Blue bathrooms have individual electric heaters, turn them off when you leave.

Non-announced visitors

  • Your guests are of course welcome.
  • The town of Divonne requires that all guests be registered and that an additional fee be paid to the Commune de Divonne as a “Taxe de Séjour”

Not Included

Consumables such as:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Butane Gas (Guests longer than a week)
  • Toilet Paper (one roll provided on check-in)